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Final Conference “Together for the Climate” – 27/06/2023 – Pedagogy for Change project

After the great success of the Online conferences we organized in 2022 and 2023,

JUMP is inviting everyone to the very last


on behalf of the Erasmus project

“Pedagogy for Change. Learn about climate and ecology”

organized by all the partners and in particular by the leader of the project Fundacja Wytwórnia Inicjatyw Twórczych (Generating Artistic Initiatives Foundation) of Łódź, POLAND.

SAVE THE DATE: 27/06/2023 FROM 5 TO 7 PM online

The conference is free and it will be delivered a formal certificate of participation.

Please register for the conference at this link

JUMP invited a keynote speaker for a final feedback, the senior Architect Antonio Riverso, Vice President of the UIA (World Council of Architects of Paris) who accepted and will be present. For 3 years (2006/2008) he was visiting professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Reggio Calabria and since 2014 Professor of the International Academy of Architecture. He’s also a writer and one of the main experts on topics connected with sustainability and nature.

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