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CODING@SCHOOL COMPUTATIONAL THINKING DEVELOPMENT. Code as a scheme to build classroom dialogue

Coding is becoming increasingly popular because, on the one hand, it stimulates learning by making it fun and easy (especially in primary schools), on the other hand, it contributes to the development of transversal skills that improve memory, concentration and creative logical processes, allowing students to stand out from the crowd. However, as research by various experts has shown, coding encompasses many other aspects that are now also considered necessary to broaden teachers’ teaching knowledge.
This course covers both aspects, including, in addition, today’s fundamental method based on ‘teamwork’ which represents a valuable and constructive opportunity for all those teachers from different countries who wish to meet and work together.

Target group
Mathematics, science and computer science teachers, but the course can be aimed at any kind of teacher interested in developing ‘computational thinking’ through coding.

Main obejectives
JUMP Academy Team offers a 6-day training that helps teachers to initially explore the concept of coding (analysed in all its forms) and then also to discover the benefits of building a dialogue in the classroom.
It is well known that classroom dialogue allows teachers and students (and students working together) to co-construct knowledge and meaning, developing intersubjectivity.
While coding, students learn critical thinking, problem solving, train for healthy competition and get used to challenging even themselves.

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