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Classrooms in action with Media Education basics and Video Making for educators – By JUMP Academy

From the oral histories presented by bards in ancient courts, to the works of scribes during the Renaissance, to newspapers, and now the Internet, storytelling has always been part of history. Digital storytelling now combines tradition with technology and makes it possible to tell stories through audiovisual contents, the language of the new media.

Videos are connected to digital storytelling and they are very powerful tools that can involve and entertain students, but also educate and teach! Using multimedia contents can stimulate student’s learning as well as encourage creativity, critical thinking and reflection on social issues.

This training is designed for all who want to deepen knowledge about audiovisual content creation. As a participant you will acquire a practical understanding of the basics of video making and useful tools to create engaging and educational content and revolutionize your teaching style.

After this course you’ll be confident with:
The actual scenario of the use of video making in communication and in education. Connection with videos and digital storytelling.
Media Education and MIL.
Video making basics and the storyboard.
Different tools, different goals, different qualities in video making. Students from content beneficiaries to content creators.
Different types of shootings and techniques.
Audio Production in video making
Organizing the materials and planning the video. Videos for an educational purpose.
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Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP