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CI-YOU project. The experience of the creation of the Outputs 2 coworking between partners

It took a lot of time preparing the kit of outputs composed by the “Circular Economy Business Model” and the “Training Curriculum” which is itself divided into Mircrostructure and Macrostructure.
IED has been leading the process starting in August 2021 and ended in September 2022.
Main goals of the IO2 have been:
Utilize the key findings collected in IO1: ‘A-state-of-the-art analysis for the conceptualization of the ‘Circular Economy Business Model’.
Define and develop the necessary knowledge and key-success factors for innovative CE businesses.
Enable young people to design and develop their business ideas based on the principles of CE.
Design a training Curriculum by defining and developing the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for the innovative training on Circular Economy based on the youth needs.
IED started cooperating with the leader, Out of the Box International.
Several online meetings have been organized between the partners and the rest of the consortium was informed from time to time.

IO2 Tasks & Main Results
Task 1. Development of the CE Business Model for young entrepreneurs
The business models consists of:
– Value proposition (the offering made to customers)
– Value delivery activities (to bring the offering to customers)
-Value creation activities (to engage necessary stakeholders and make use of resources leading to the offering)
-Value capturing logic (e.g., describing the costs and revenues of a business model and how the company tries to make a living). While C.E. Business Model was ready, JUMP started analyzing the Output 1 just finished “A state-of-the-art analysis for the conceptualization of the “Circular Economy Business Model” and the expert, Prof. Enriko Ceko, employed by JUMP, drafted the first Macro Structure of the Training Curriculum composed of 8 modules.

Later on, after checking and approval of all partners, JUMP designed the Microstructure of the Training Curriculum.
In fact, the Output 2 is composed of 3 documents which have been strongly appreciated by partners because they gave the guidelines for the creation of the training materials. The Outputs 2 are published here http://circulareconomyproject.org/outputs/

Author: Erika Gerardini, Project Manager, JUMP Team