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CI- YOU project. State of development of Circular Economy in Slovenia

The circular economy is one of the strategic development priorities in Slovenia. Recently, several consultations and trainings have been organised by politicians, non-governmental and youth organisations, educational institutes and others on Circular economy and Green deal.

One of the most prominent initiatives is the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership – Networks for the Transition to the Circular Economy, which is a connection of Slovenian economic entities, educational and research institutions, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties who, in cooperation with the state, want to establish new value chains according to the economic principles of closed material flows. Also successful is the Circular change initiative, a private non-profit organisation with a solid international network that serves as the best entry point for circular economy projects in Slovenia and across Europe.

Most indicators for Slovenia show that the Slovenian economy is moving in the right direction towards the circular economy. Nevertheless, some efforts will be needed to reduce waste or accelerate the reuse and recycling the waste. Regardless of the future challenges, Slovenia is on the right path to becoming a leader in the transition to a circular economy by promoting digitalisation and collaboration.

MIITR (Slovenia)