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BUSINESS ENGLISH The course to improve technical business language proficiency and empower business relationships

We are aware that we are not based in the UK and it seems strange to learn English here, especially Business English, in the South of Italy, but in our team we have native English very experienced and open minded trainers (from Australia and USA) so we like to say that: also in Italy it is possible to improve English skills and, at the same time, develop transversal skills to increase the quality of teaching in Europe. We have created a real international dimension at the local level thanks to JUMP Academy for professional training. 

Furthermore, we don’t have the same costs as England, we assure high quality of life thanks to good food, good weather, the sea, nature, sandy beaches, a healthy lifestyle and less difficulties to reach us because we are members of the EU. 

The course combines elements of business and it is focused on improving technical English for teachers or trainers who have to address new ways of communicating to students. 

Target group

Teachers should be English teachers or teachers of Economy or professional figures in charge of guidance and support for the school-to-work placement. 

With this course teachers learn how to transfer to students a more technical English vocabulary, more expressions to be used in communication and business development, raising creativity and knowledge on the actual global economy and potential for future generations job development. 

The course is also for professionals, business operators and business coaches to improve their English language from the point of view of business development, communication, soft and leadership skills. 

Training modules

1) Module 1: What is Business English nowadays and its utility in teaching

2) Module 2: Importance of public communication to develop networking and present a business idea

Discussing your organisation around key business lexis such as: Brand, Change, Communication (incl. social media), Company culture, Writing a Needs Analysis, Development, Governance, Market, Products/Services, Project, Quality, Results, Strategy

3) Module 3: Improving and developing Intercultural Communication & Soft Skills, Speaking Skills for Business English Clients

4) Module 4: Focused grammar. Writing Skills for Business English Clients

5) Module 5: Pronunciation & Listening Skills, Mother tongue interference Minimal pairs, Consonant clusters, Problem sounds, Stress at word level, Stress at sentence level, Contrastive stress, Linking sounds, Elision. FREE Resources for Business English

6) Module 6: From local to global, present your company, strategies and make business worldwide.

HERE the link to the course program and how to apply for it. 

BUSINESS ENGLISH. The course to improve technical business language proficiency and empower business relationships