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Book Trailers and Creative Expression together into the innovative project EU READ&ART

The right to education is universal and applies to everyone, irrespective of age. Although children, adolescents, and young people are usually seen as the primary beneficiaries of education, adults are also rights-holders. And especially after an event like the pandemic with the direct consequence of very high levels of demotivation, isolation and unemployment, there’s a strong need to support those who decreased the level of learning success.

Adults, if involved in a European learning process, can be re-motivated. That’s the red thread connecting all the activities foreseen for the Erasmus+ project EU-READ&ART, an engaging and contemporary proposal with the aim of creating up-skilling pathways designed for adult learners and their educators. Its main asset is that it was born from the synergy of 7 partners facing the same challenges teaching and training adults, low skilled at the level of basic literacy, languages, and digital competencies.

The main priority of the project, established collectively, is addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity. At the base there’s the competence of literacy which appears first in the EU list of Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. Digital tools can play a significant role in the development of those key competences considered fundamental, and the medium selected to obtain these results is the process of creation of book trailers.

What is a book trailer, you may ask? A key element, being at the same time an educational and a tangible product. A complex outcome which puts together literature, cinema and ICT; the action of interpreting a book in a creative way allows learners to manage competences on many levels. The EU-READ&ART Platform will collect book trailers and creative expressions realized by the participants on behalf of our Cooperation Partnership promoting books, their writers, the same video-makers, the Erasmus Plus Program and the mosaic of cultures around the world.

Visit our trailers gallery and be inspired!

Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP Team