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Arturo’s Island – EU Read&Art booktrailer

Arturo Gerace, who proudly bears the name of a star and a warrior king, was born and grew up wild on the island of Procida. From his mother, who died at his birth, he has only a photo taken by a travelling photographer while his father, although alive, is such a sporadic and disinterested visitor that he becomes a mythological figure for his son.
Arturo grows up with a “Code of Absolute Truth” that he draws up himself: the father’s authority is sacred, true greatness lies in courage and contempt for danger, no affection equals a mother’s love, betrayal is the worst baseness, God does not exist and no inhabitant of Procida is worthy of Wilhelm Gerace and his son.
A life among sea, heroes and expectations… until, one winter afternoon, when Arturo finds himself in the harbour, waiting for his father and his new wife. After the arrival of the ‘intruder’ Nunziatella, Procida will no longer be the same, his father will no longer be the same, and Arturo will start experiencing the changes of adolescence.

Author: Francesca Politi, JUMP Team