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Mindfulness is a broad practice that uses meditation in order to develop the ability to focus attention, be aware and manage emotions, gain greater awareness on one’s behavior reactions and choices.
It originates from traditional Buddhist practices, later intercepted by psychology and readapted to the western culture. Mindfulness has nothing to do with religion or a particular spirituality. It has to do with your life and wellbeing, no matter your choice of faith or lack of!
We can ether be MindFull or Mindful.

MindFull: Physical tension (pain and rigidity), emotional tension (stress and anxiety), difficulty concentrating taking decisions and tunnel vision, impulsive behavior and bad habits, greater need to control, lacking the ability to have fun and live the present moment.
Mindful: Openness to novelty, understanding and acceptance, recognizing and validating emotions, recognizing thoughts and beliefs, self-compassion, letting things be, taking aware decisions and meaningful actions.

What Mindfulness is not? It is not about relaxing (although it could be a side effect of some protocols), not about developing a blank mind (it promotes thoughts awareness and acceptance), it isn’t resignation or indifference and it is not about spirituality.

Understanding Mindfulness through a tale by Judy Brown

The fundamental thing that let’s fire burn, is the space among the pieces of wood… A space to breathe in… If there isn’t enough room between logs, fire may suffocate and extinguish just like if water was to be poured on it… This is why, to start a fire, we need to pay attention to the space between the pieces of wood and the wood itself… Fire starts only because there is room… And the flame, which already knows how to burn, may find its way…

Mindfulness can be used to make room in our mind, gain new space and letting the flame of our vitality burn brighter!

Written by
Giuseppe Perrotti – JUMP Trainer