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A Successful Dissemination Event on Pedagogy and Creativity

The recent Pedagogy for Change dissemination event “Cultivating Change Through Pedagogy and Creativity” held in Soverato on 28th June was a success, bringing together 25 participants from different nationalities to explore the topics of climate action and community engagement. Led by a skilled team from JUMP, the event offered an engaging experience and laid the foundation for transformative action in addressing climate challenges


Participants started by connecting with nature and expressing their appreciation through gestures during an ice-breaking exercise, setting a dynamic and creative tone. 

The small scale project Pedagogy for Change was presented, highlighting its results over 14 months of implementation. Participants then engaged in a role-playing activity focused on climate action. Divided into groups and representing Community members from one side and Policymakers from the other side, they explored climate challenges and collaboratively developed strategies. 

The event also featured an inspiring talk by renowned architect Antonio R. Riverso, providing global perspectives on climate change and sustainability.

Ultimately, the Pedagogy for Change dissemination event left a profound impression, inspiring participants and emphasising the importance of collaboration, community empowerment and shared vision in the fight against climate change.


Written by Francesca Politi (JUMP Team)