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Life is continuously on the go and everything in it happens so fast… That it is hard to make room for things that are slow moving and need deeper reflection. People rush through the day, zap through social media and actually read much more than they used to less than a generation ago!
But what do we do with all of this information? Apparently, for the most part… Nothing.
We developed the art of reading superficial information to look for instant gratification. Receive such gratification and dump away any comprehension of the content.
You see… Comprehending a text requires exposure, reflection, exposure again and application to what one has read. All of this takes time. Like, one or two days to really comprehend the page of that book you are reading through.

But we don’t have time, don’t we? How could we get our time back?
A simple trick may help you not only in reading comprehension but ultimately (even if it does not look like it) on reading more!

Try to commit to yourself to read between 15 or 30 minutes a day. I’d recommend you start from 15. Easier goals are always more realistic to manage and commit to. It might not look like much… Yet, if you do your math: You might read about 6 pages in 15 minutes. Which means 42 pages a week. Taking you to 168 Pages a month. Finishing an average book in just a bit more than a month. Reading ten 200 pages books a year. Which might be a whole lot better than one or zero… And all of it, only for 15 minutes a day!
This way, reading will not be too challenging and you will enjoy the great experience of book reading. Extending your knowledge of the world and human nature.

Giuseppe Perrotti – JUMP Team