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A new Erasmus Plus project for JUMP! – Health is Wealth. First TPM in Romania

In November 2021, the K2 Erasmus Plus project “Health is Wealth” – Cooperation partnerships in youth, has started. The leader is the Romanian organization Asociatia MasterPeace Ro from the city of Ploiesti and the JUMP Association from Soverato is the partner together with the Slovenian NGO EDU 4 U from Sečovce and High on Life Martinique from the French island.

The project promotes education to a healthy lifestyle in contact with nature, through sport and physical activity for wellness and mental health. The target group is represented by young people who will develop technological and digital, interpersonal and multilingual skills by participating actively and as protagonists in the project activities, and all people interested in sports and physical activity, mental health care, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle in general.

The project foresees the realization of a mobile application that contains 4 categories created to encourage a healthy lifestyle:

1. Let’s eat for the health of it (recipes of healthy diet, Italian, French, Romanian and Slovakian cuisine in a healthy way);
2. Mental health is the new wealth (mental health techniques and positive encouragements for every day);
3. The power of nature (relaxing music – sounds of the nature);
4.Half an hour to stay fit (physical exercises for everyone).

Between 6 and 9 January 2022 the first Transnational Project Meeting was held in Ploiesti (Romania) and the partners could discuss the project in general, the budget, the choice of logo, the outputs to be achieved and the next mobility, talking about the division of tasks and drawing up a calendar of activities.
Formal and informal moments were organized. On the first day the partners were welcomed by “Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti” Technological High School, in the Valea Calugareasca village visiting the school, meeting students and teachers; on the second day an excursion to Bran Castle with outdoor activities at Solomon’s Rocks in the city of Brasov was organized.

During the meeting were also discussed the main objectives of the project, including:
– increasing of the use of physical activities and sports in everyday life
– eating more healthily and be conscious about the influence of food on the physical and mental well-being
– connecting with nature and appreciating the healing power of the sounds in nature.

It was a very important opportunity to get to know each other and exchange points of view for the implementation of the project and possible collaborations in other fields.
The next mobility will take place in May 2022 in Martinique, a French island in the Lesser Antilles, and this time the protagonists will be 32 young people accompanied by 3 youth leaders from each partner organization.

Here the Facebook page of the project https://www.facebook.com/Health-is-wealth-102372209015965

and some pictures of the first TPM in Romania!

A new international project has just begun for JUMP!

Ylenia Azzaro – JUMP Team