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A global perspective on EUROPEAN PROJECTS DESIGN & MANAGEMENT, certified JUMP training

It is challenging to work as a project manager. Working with international project management adds the extra challenges of dealing with different cultures, languages, geographically dispersed team members and/or managers and perhaps also time zones.

The European Project Management course aims to provide participants with the skills to enable them to effectively manage a European project through a practical simulation. This includes:
manage contractual procedures with the European Commission;
organize and plan the project work;
manage the project partnership;
monitor the project development and evaluate its outcomes;
create and deliver project reports;
manage the financial and administrative issues of the project.

How do you access European funds? How do you write a project concretely? What are the best practices? How do the evaluation systems work? What are the challenges met by project managers?

You’ll find the answers to these questions (and much more) in this in-service training course with the expertise of the course trainers who have around 10 years experience in European project management and planning.

This course is ideally suited for school teachers and directors, university professors, managers of training organizations, adult education institutions or public bodies who wish to further develop their project management and leadership skills in a network with others and in a focused learning environment.

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