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09.03.23 L.O.R.D. project : coordination, monitoring and end of activities at JUMP orange training room

woman standing near projector screen

The last day of work at the first project meeting between the partners, in Satriano, at JUMP’s operational headquarters, was devoted to coordinating and carrying out bureaucratic practices.
In JUMP’s orange training room, the partners had an opportunity to go over the various project activities planned for LORD. The leader mentioned the importance of the questionnaire to be administered by the two municipalities involved to the chosen target audience and analyzed by the end of April 2023.

The final dates of the other mobilities planned for the project were set (Lousada, Portugal June 19-25co and Wojnicz, Poland August 27- 31) so that all the key players can plan future departures and proceed with the selection of appropriate people and the purchase of airline tickets.
Closing the proceedings was the handing over of certificates of participation in project activities by JUMP.
The day ended with a smiling and genuine intercultural dinner that helped create a positive climate for the continuation of the project.

Pietro Curatola, JUMP President and Legal Representative